Screenprinted Patches

When we started printing back in 2011, a lot of band merch companies didn’t even offer patch printing.  With our roots planted firmly in punk, we knew there was an urgent need for inexpensive yet high quality punk patch printing for independent bands.  Since then, we’ve printed, cut, and shipped thousands of patches for bands of all sizes across the United States. We consider ourselves the punk patch printing experts!

With a low minimum of only 50 patches and no maximum, we love making patches to meet any need and any budget.  Our all-inclusive pricing makes it easy to order patches without worrying about screen setup fees or shipping.  Want more patch for less scratch?  Check out our uncut specials for the same kick ass patches that you cut out yourself.  We look forward to working with you on your next print project!

Patch PricingPatch Printing FAQ and Important Info

All prices include patches printed with a single ink color onto canvas and precision cut to size; setup fees and shipping are also included. These are “punk” style custom patches made from canvas and cut along the edge. The edges are clean cut but will fray if left untreated.

Uncut Special: 100ct 4×4 or 100ct 3×5 patches printed onto canvas sheets (12 patches per sheet) and shipped “uncut”.  Only $75 shipped!
  • Other dimensions and multi-color bulk orders available by quote
  • Back patches (up to 12″x16″) available by quote
  50 100 150 250 500  
4×4 $69 $90 $120 $170 $295 .PSD TEMPLATE
5×5 $110 $130 $170 $215 $345 .PSD TEMPLATE
3×5 $69 $90 $120 $170 $295 .PSD TEMPLATE
3×10 $110 $140 $200 $245 $340 .PSD TEMPLATE
3×3 $60 $75 $105 $140 $250 .PSD TEMPLATE

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We print on medium weight duck canvas.  We stock black, white, and natural canvas.  On large patch orders, other canvas colors are available.

Maximum Print Area

For patches the maximum area is generally 12×16 for sheets or large back patches.  The size listed is going to be the actual size of the cut patch, including any blank space around the design.  It’s usually best to leave some open space around the edge of your image, usually at least a quarter inch on every side.  We tile your design on a grid and print multiple patches at a time, then cut them to the exact size requested.

Colors and Color Matching

For most custom patch orders on black canvas, we recommend sticking to white ink. Except on bulk sized orders, our patch printing process doesn’t allow printing a separate white layer underneath colors, so colors may not show up as bright or true to color as on t-shirts. Around 95% of the patches we send out are white ink on black canvas.

We can match PMS (Pantone) colors for $25. We recommend this if you need exact color matching, like if you have printed the same design with a different print company, or are matching artwork to CD/vinyl art or other print artwork. For exact color matching we need either Pantone coated color values provided by your designer or a physical sample for us to match with our printed color book.

Otherwise, we’ll do our best to accurately print your design as close as possible to whatever format artwork you send us. If you have any questions about print colors please let us know ahead of time!


Mockups can always be provided upon request. If there is any question on our end regarding artwork size, placement, color choices, or garment, a mockup will be sent for approval. Mockups are only an approximation of size, placement, and color portrayal. Garment type & color, print size & location, and print color values will be listed on mockups.

Artwork Requirements for Screen Printing

SCREENPRINTED PATCH SPECIFIC GUIDELINES:  Use common sense when choosing artwork based on the patch size.  If you are ordering screenprinted shirts with a large, highly detailed image, that same image will typically not look as good shrunk down on a tiny 3×3 printed patch.  Some detail can work on small patches and look great, but usually simple, bold images are the way to go!

Vector artwork is strongly preferred for screenprinting.  Next best is 300dpi resolution artwork sized exactly as big as you want it printed.  You should be able to zoom in at 100% and not see any “fuzzy” lines!  (Please do not just “raise” the resolution of a file by opening it and typing a bigger number.  If it was that easy, we would just do it ourselves, but unfortunately you just end up with a bigger but fuzzier image.  We want images to be as crisp as possible!)

If you aren’t sure, send over what you’ve got and we’ll see if we can work with it. Often we can vector retrace low quality images for a small fee.

We handle screenprinting color separations ourselves.  Usually we have to tweak a few things slightly to make sure the image works on press.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround on custom screenprinting orders is generally 2-3 weeks from the time the order is paid for until completion, but can vary based on the current workload.  This does not include shipping time.  We strive for exceptional quality and attention to detail, not blasting through orders as fast as possible.  Please take that into consideration and try to plan ahead of time.

That said, stuff happens and RUSH services are available, priced depending on how quickly you need your order.  We’ve turned stuff around in as quickly as an afternoon before.  If you’re in a jam, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.